Party Tubes & Cocktail Balloons

New to Australia ‘Party Tubes’ are the coolest new Party Accessory! They are a Self Serve, Self Cooled, stand alone ‘Drink Dispenser’ holding up to 3 litres of your favorite beverage. Fill with Cider,  Wine, Champagne, Mixed Drinks or Cocktails. Made of ‘Polycarbonate Fibre’ the Party Tubes insulate the beverage & keeps the ‘chill ‘ in the drink.

Ideal for all Cocktails – Daiquiri’s, Sangria, illusions, Cosmo’s, Margarita’s, Pina Colada, etc.

Easy to fill, easy to use and easy to clean. Guests simply help themselves. Ideal for Home Entertaining! Get an Internal Light and watch your cocktails ‘glow in the dark’. Party Tubes are ideal for all Parties – Birthday’s, Christmas, Engagements, Weddings, 21sts, 18th’s, Kids Parties, Sporting Events & Family Occasions. Bring fun to your next event!

Riva 2
Margarita Party Tube
Chambord Cocktail - 2 Lt Tube
Chambord Party Tube
Watermelon Daiquiri
Watermelon Daiquiri
Cocktail Tubes - Social Bar
Illusion Party Tube

Riva Bar - StKilda MarinaVarious Cocktail Tubes

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Hottest New Product… ‘Cocktail Balloons’


‘Cocktail Balloons’ hold up to 3 lts of your favourite Cocktail.  Self Cooling ‘Ice Chamber’ included.

Ideal for Pubs, Bars, Hotels, Clubs & Restaurants.  Great for Home Entertaining!

Perfect for all Cocktails – Daiquiri’s, Sangria, illusions, Cosmo’s, Margarita’s, Pina Colada, etc.

Trade Rates:  Apply on orders of 6 or more.  Phone or Email [email protected] for full list of ‘Trade Rates’

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