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Beer Tubes for Hotels, Pubs, Bars, Clubs and Restaurants

Perfect for Hotels, Pubs, Bars, Sports Clubs & Restaurants!

Beer Tubes are a proven way to Increase Beverage Sales!  They also Reduce Customer Wait Times at the bar as well as reducing the number of staff needed behind the bar.  Beer Towers Attract Groups to your Venue! Customers love pouring from their own beverage dispenser, as they are more fun than jugs. The Towers can be used for wine, cider, mixed drinks, champagne,  cocktails or soft drinks. Restaurants love the Beer Tubes as they are perfect for tables and Functions. Beer Tubes create a ‘Unique Point of Difference’ for your Venue

They create a fun experience for your patrons!

Aussie Beer Tubes are in 927 Venues around Australia!

Trade Pricing

Special Trade Pricing applies on orders of 8 or more. Please phone 1300 233 788 (7 Days) or email us for a full list of Trade Rates  [email protected]

Official Major Brewery Supplier

Aussie Beer Tubes are an Official Recommended Supplier to Lion, CUB & CCAmatil.  We are an ‘Approved Vendor’ in their Accounts Systems. We also are an Official Supplier to many smaller Craft Brewers.

Beer Tube Facts

  • Beer Tubes come in 2, 2.5 & 3 litre  sizes and are strong, safe & sturdy.
  • Beer Tubes are the only Beer Towers in Australia Certified ISO:900 for Commercial Use
  • Beer Tubes are made of ‘Polycarbonate Fibre’ which keep the beverages Chilled!
  • Beer Tubes are suitable for Beer, Wine, Cider, Mixed Drinks, Soft Drinks or Cocktails.
  • Beer Tubes help to Increase Draft Beer Sales and Reduce Bar Wait Times of patrons.
  • Beer Tubes reduce Glass Turnover as guests keep their glasses at the table.
  • Beer Tubes attract Groups to your Venue ie. work groups, sporting clubs, parties, etc.
  • Beer Tubes  create a ‘Unique Point of Difference’ over your Competition.
  • Beer Tubes help create a ‘Fun Environment’ at your Venue!

How are Beer Tubes used at the bar?

Staff can easily fill the Beer Tube directly from the tap. The tube easily detaches from the base.  The Beer Tubes can then be given to the customer at the bar or they can be delivered to their table. Customers can then easily fill their own glasses from the Beer Tube. The chill stick keeps the beverage icy cold for hours. When empty, they can simply be re-filled.  Easy!

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Increased Beverage Sales with Beer Tubes!

Most Bars, Pubs, Clubs & Restaurants have increased their Beverage Sales since introducing Beer Tubes into their venue!.  One venue in Sydney said  “We have tripled our keg sales in one month!”

John Athinos, Owner Abbey Road Bar Cafe, St Kilda, Melbourne  ” We have had Beer Tubes now for over 3 years. We used to go through 8 barrels of Draught Beer a week. Since getting the Beer Tubes we now sometimes go through 30-35 barrels a week. Our customer prefer the Beer Towers to bottled beers. They just love them!”

Recent News Article (link below) in ‘Beer Business International’ on how Beer Tubes have increased Beer Sales in Pubs, Clubs & Restaurants.

Beer Tubes Credited with Boosting Beer Sales

Beer Tubes can be Individually Branded

Beer Tubes are an ideal vehicle to promote your venue.  Beer Tubes can be professionally branded with any logo or art design that you desire. This is a specialty exclusive to Aussie Beer Tubes. We have various branding options available to suit your needs. Our artists can design something in accordance with your instructions or they can create something special for your venue. The unique Branding will add a ‘Touch of Class’ to your venue!


Pub / Bar Logo's $149*  CUB (VB) Wrap Abbey Road72dpi
Melba's Custom Base 
Star Casino (GC) Beer Tubes Mitre Tavern Beer Towers

 The Beer Tube ‘Chain Reaction’

Beer Tubes always spark a ‘chain reaction’ wherever they are sold!  “It is always the same reaction” commented one Bar Owner.,, When a tube is delivered to a table, other patrons immediately take notice, and others order one as well” he said, “It’s like the bar begins to sprout beer tubes!” said Ronnie, owner of Red Spoon Bar, Melbourne .“The first tube goes out, and several tables follow suit. Customers seem to be intrigued by them, and that’s been reflected in our draft beer sales – currently up 18.6% over last year!”

Beer Tube Chain Reaction

Reduces Bar Wait Times and Glass Turnover

Beer Tubes reduce ques at the bar during busy periods. Beer Towers on tables mean less trips to the bar! This avoids customer frustration and a more pleasurable venue experience. An added bonus to Beer Towers at a table is that your guests keep their glass at the table! This means a lot less glass washing and no running out of glasses on busy weekends.

How do you clean the Tubes?

Beer Tubes are easily cleaned with warm soapy water. The tap screws off and you can rinse out with clean water.  You then just stand and allow them to dry. We sell specially designed beer tube brushes which make cleaning even easier. See ‘Beer Tubes & Accessories’

TIP: Flushing the Tubes with 500ml of ‘Post Mix Soda Water‘ and cleaning with our special Brush after every use (or at the end of the night) is the perfect way to keep the Tubes looking in pristine condition for the next use.

How do you prevent Beer Tubes from being stolen?

Beer Tubes are very popular with patrons!  To prevent theft, ask your customer to leave a credit card or drivers license behind the bar as a deposit until they return them.

Responsible Service of Alcohol

Aussie Beer Tubes encourage the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA).

Licensed Establishments have the obligation for meeting State Liquor Licensing Laws and RSA requirements. Individual States may vary on Guidelines, so it is best to check with individual Local Authorities. Our Drink Dispensers are meant for use in fun and sociable environments, under the supervision of trained bar-staff professionals.  Normal common sense rules apply in the service of alcohol. Never serve Beer Tubes to minors.  Only serve Beer Tubes to Groups of two or more. Bar Staff should ask the purchaser who will be drinking from the Beer Tube and ID check anyone that looks under 18. Don’t serve Beer Towers to intoxicated patrons. Monitor customer’s alcohol intake. Enjoy responsibly!

Official Supplier of Beer Tubes & Beer Towers to the Leaders in the Hospitality Industry


Newspaper Article on the ‘Success of  Beer Towers in Pubs’

Courier Mail – Beer Tower (LR) Aug 2013

Newspaper article ‘Beer Towers now available at Marvel Stadium’ (Melbourne)

Herald Sun – Beer Tower Article May 2018

Proven ‘Success Tips’ for Hotels, Pubs, Bars & Restaurants

Proven Success Tips for Beer Towers

For any enquires for Hotels, Pubs , Clubs or Restaurants please call 1300 233 788 or email us via our Contacts page.  Our friendly staff can answer your questions quickly.

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