Hospitality Trade 

My popular St Kilda Bar has 15  of the 2lt Aussie Beer Tubes for over five years now. Our patrons absolutely love them! They have become an iconic part of our business as customers love sharing a ‘Beer Tower’ rather than ordering individual drinks. We get people walking off the street after they see the Beer Towers on our tables, as well as repeat customers coming back to ‘share a tube’.  In the summer months its not uncommon to have all 15 Beer Tubes out on the tables!!!  Also, our draught beer sales have exploded since getting the Beer Tubes. We used to go through 8 barrels a week, but because of the beer towers we sometimes go through 30 barrels a week!  We love our ‘unique point of difference’…..and so do our customers”

John Athanasi, Abbey Road Bar Cafe, Acland Street, StKilda, Melbourne

The Beer Tubes have been an outstanding success at our iconic Cargo Bar in  Darling Harbour! Our patrons love using the beer tubes particularly on Saturday & Sunday afternoons”  

Andrew Frost, Keystone Group, Cargo Bar, Darling Harbour, Sydney

“The Beer Tubes are hugely popular in our Beer Garden. They are that popular we have tripled our number of Beer Tubes since introducing them in 2013.” 

Brad Whitton, ALH Group, Brunswick Hotel, New Farm

“Our Patrons love ordering a ‘3lt Tower of Beer’ and taking it to their table. The Beer Tubes help increase our beverage sales and reduce wait times at our busy bar”

Simon King, Manager, Melba’s Bar & Niteclub, Gold Coast, Queensland

As a pub owner, I am always seeking new ways to get new customers and increase draft beer sales. The Beer Tubes have been a phenomenal success in our pub. What we have found is that local sporting groups love coming to our venue as they can all sit around in our beer garden and enjoy a Tube with their mates post game.  We have found when one table orders a Tube…. the next table orders one as well.  Some nights we have 12 – 15 Beer Tubes out in our garden. But more importantly, our draft beer sales have gone up 23% since introducing the tubes. The Beer Towers are our ‘point of difference’ over our competitors”   

Carl Beck, Collendina Pub, Ocean Grove, Vic

“Since introducing the Aussie Beer Tubes in our WA Hotel they have become enormously popular with all our new and regular patrons alike. They are always out on the tables at weekends,  and we have placed 3 extra orders since introducing them in may 2014. We’ll be getting more for summer!”

Gary Drummond, Manager, ALH Group, Brighton Hotel, Mandurah, WA

“I introduced the Beer Tubes  into my restaurant in May and have been blown away by the response. They are great for small to large groups. I have a dozen of the smaller 2 litre tubes and I find patrons love the concept of PYO (Pour Your Own). The chill sticks keep the beverages chilled.  And I can guarantee when one table orders one… the next table follows. Its amazing!  It makes for a fun night, and the people come back because of the experience. “

Sasha, Triim Bar, Melbourne

“We use the Tubes in our private function rooms. Its perfect for group bookings. We will be ordering a lot more Tubes in summer”

Mikey, Laika Bar, StKilda,  Melbourne

“We use the Beer Tubes all the time as drink dispensers at Corporate Events. We first used them at the Melbourne Cup Carnival last year and they were such a hit that we use them on most events now. They are new,  practical and a lot of fun to use.’   

Mark Jacobsen, Managing Director, Twisted Events

“Making use of interesting drinking vessels away from the standard jugs of beer such as the ‘Beer Tower’ at Cargo Bar and the ‘Cider Tower’ at Newtown Hotel is a great way for guests to enjoy a drink with their mates,” 

Anthony Prior, Manager Cargo Bar (Darling Harbour) & Newtown Hotel

“The Beer Towers are a wonderful addition to our new ‘Sports Bar’ at Star Casino, Gold Coast. Our patrons love having a Beer Tower at their table particularly during big Sporting Events like NRL, AFL & UFC.  It reduces congestion at the bar as well.”

Jai Leighton, Food & Beverage Manager, Star Casino, Gold Coast

“The Beer Towers have become an integral feature at all our 17 Sports Bars around Australia. Aussie Beer Tubes have been supplying ‘The Sporting Globe Group’ for over 6 years. Their Beer Towers are the highest quality on the market!”

James Sinclair, Managing Director, Sporting Globe Group, Melbourne



Home & Domestic 

We have 4 Beer Tubes at home and use them whenever we have a Party. We fill one with beer, one with wine and the other two we make up various cocktails. We love em’ and our friends think they are cool! Guests just help themselves and we don’t have to run around all night getting them drinks. What’s also great is at the end of the night there is no empty cans and stubbies lying around to clean up. These tubes are perfect for entertaining with friends.”

Michelle Fiora, Sydney

“I gave a Beer Tube to my Father for Christmas and he thought it was the best gift we have ever given him! He loves inviting his mates over to watch the footy and using the Tube for drinks…. without having to leave his chair!!! To him, this is a dream come true.”

Belinda Brown, Melbourne

“I brew my own beer at home and have found the Beer Tubes to be  a godsend! I have a number of different Tubes in my shed and I use them for different home brews….pale ales, wheat brews, stouts, etc. It’s great as my family and friends come over and they can choose from the variety of batches I make.”

John Barnes, Gold Coast, Queensland

‘My son had his 21st recently and we ordered a ‘Personalised Birthday Beer Tube’ for the occasion. Matty was rapt to have his name on the Tube for this special occasion. It was certainly a winner and something he can keep forever”

Paula Spanos, Newcastle

” I bought the Beer Tower for my husband, but I use it more than him.! I have lots of ‘girls nights’ and I love making a big batch of Sangria or Cosmo for my girlfriends. They think the Tubes are cool!”

Charolette O’Grady,  Adelaide

“We take the Tube out to the spa and sit and drink all night with friends. One night its beer and another night it’s bundy & coke. We don’t even need to leave the spa!! Mate, it’s awesome’

Matt Dawson,  Perth

“I had just built a new Tiki Bar in my backyard and was wondering what could complement it.  I ordered a beertube/partytube from Aussie Beer Tubes.  Within a few days of ordering it, I was sipping icy cold Mojitos on a warm Summers day.  It’s easy to use and to clean and sits proudly at the end of my bar.  Everyone loved the idea of being able to pour their own drink using the tube.  The service from Aussie Beer Tubes has been excellent and prompt.  I would thoroughly recommend getting one and will probably get another for the other end of the bar.  Cheers.”

Damien Kilsby,  Adelaide

My beautiful daughter was having her 17th, and I was looking for some teenage appropriate yet cool party accessories to make the night memorable. Then I discovered these divine drink dispensers called ‘Party Tubes’. They looked fantastic then I asked them do they come in pink? But the sales guy said they don’t, but he would see what he could do. A couple of weeks later he showed up with a pink and purple party tube. They looked awesome!  Not only did they look great, but they had ’Happy 17th Birthday Isabella’ on the front. Perfect! My daughter loved them and we used them on the big night. All her friends thought the Party Tubes were the best thing going around.  Excellent product, professional service. I highly recommend the Party Tubes to anyone planning  their next party. Thanks guys! “

– Foxy Franny, Melbourne 

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