Does it keep your beverages chilled?

Absolutely! Our Tubes are made of very strong & durable 3mm poly-carbonate material. Once you pour any cold beverage into the tube & pop the lid on, this acts like a thermos. The insulation keeps outside temperatures out, which keeps the beverage chilled. On average,  tests have shown, the beverage temperature increases approximately 2 degrees every 23 minutes. The ‘Chill Stick’ (see Products & Accessories) is another option to keep your beverages chilled for longer.

What kind of drinks can the tube be used for?

All kinds of cold beverages are great for the Tube.  Beer, wine, spirits, cocktails, fruit punches, soft drink,  juices, cordials or mixed drinks are all ideal. With mixed drinks or cocktails you can add ice or use our chill stick, best with thin based cocktails without pulp.

Are they good for parties & functions?

The Tube is great for any kind of party or function. You can use them for sporting events, BBQ’s, picnics, bucks & hens nights, sport nights, poker nights, cocktail parties, 18ths, 21st &  kids parties. A major benefit of the Tubes for parties is that at  it avoids the need for bottles or cans, and subsequently, that means less mess during the party. And that means less mess to clean up at the conclusion of your party or function!

What about Kids birthday parties?

These are great for kids parties! The Towers are great with soft drinks & cordials. Children love filling up their own drinks and adults don’t need to be running around pouring drinks for them. The Tubes  are very sturdy & safe to use.

How big are the tubes?

The 3lt Tube with base is approximately 85cm high. The 2lt Tube with Base is approximately 65cm in height. The base has a circumference of 21cm. The base separates from the tube for ease of storage.

How many Litres do they hold?

The Tubes easily hold up to 3 litres. We offer 2lt,  2.5lt and 3lt Beer Tube sizes.

Will fizzy drinks lose their gas?

Not not at all, there is a tiny hole in the lid which lets enough gas out to keep the drinks carbonated.

How do you clean them?

The Tubes are easily cleaned with warm soapy water. You simply rinse them with cold water and allow to stand and dry. We have an optional custom designed ‘cleaning brush’ which is 91cm in length which makes it very easy to clean the tubes after use ( see Products & Accessories). TIP:  Venues keep their Beer Tubes ‘Sparkling Clean’ by flushing them out with 500ml of ‘post mix soda water‘ and cleaning with our special brush after every use (or at the end of the evening).  Flushing the tubes and taps with ‘soda water’ every evening keeps the Beer Tubes sparkling clean and ready for the next days use.

Are the beer tubes hygienic?

Yes. No part of the tube is in contact with the user’s mouth. The Tubes are in 3 parts (tube, tap & base) and are easy to clean or rinse. All materials comply with international food safety regulations.

What if it breaks?

The tubes are very strong and durable under normal conditions. We offer a 60-day replacement warranty on any defects.  The unit is made of 3 separate parts, (tube, base &  tap) which means if you need to replace any part at any time, you don’t need to purchase a complete unit. We sell all parts separately.

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)

Aussie Beer Tubes encourage the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA).

Licensed Establishments have the obligation for meeting State Liquor Licensing Laws and RSA requirements. Individual States may vary on Guidelines, so it is best to check with individual Local Authorities. Our Drink Dispensers are meant for use in fun and sociable environments, under the supervision of trained bar-staff professionals.  Normal common sense rules apply in the service of alcohol. Never serve Beer Tubes to minors.  Only serve Beer Tubes to Groups of two or more. Bar staff should ask the purchaser of the Beer Tube who will be drinking from the Beer Tube, and ID check anyone who appears under 18. Don’t serve Beer Towers to intoxicated patrons. Monitor customer’s alcohol intake. Enjoy responsibly!

Please check out ‘Drinkwise’ website for helpful hints on Responsible Drinking in Australia. Great tips for individuals and parents on drinking alcohol responsibly drinkwise.org.au


Why Aussie Beer Tubes?

Aussie Beer Tubes are Market Leaders in Beer Towers in Australia! We have been supplying the Hospitality industry since 2010. Our Beer Tubes are the only Beer Towers on the Australian Market Certified ISO: 90001 for Commercial use! Our Customers include Lion, Asahi, Coca Cola Amatil, ALH Group, Marvel Stadium, Star Casino, Rockpool Dining Group, The Bavarian Group, Munich Brauhaus, El Camino Cantina,  The Sporting Globe Group, Top Golf, Strike Bowling, Holey Moley, King Pin Bowling,  X Golf Group, Village Roadshow, Top Golf Group, Accolade Wines, Southtrade International, Brown Forman & Diaego. We are the chosen Drink Tower in Australian Hospitality being in some 957 venues.  Our Beer Tubes are made of very strong & durable 3mm poly-carbonate material. Aussie Beer Tubes are a strong, safe & sturdy Table Top Dispenser. We are Australian owned and operated and pride ourselves on exceptional and outstanding Customer Service.

‘Beer….it’s proof that God Loves Us!’

–  Winston Churchill

If you have any further questions please Phone 1300 233 788 (9am-9pm 7 Days) or Email  us through our Contact Page and one of our sales team will respond to you immediately.