Pink Metallic Balloon

NEW –  2024
Hot Metallic Pink Cocktail Balloon

Holds 3lt of your favourite Cocktail! 

Commercial Grade:  High Quality suitable for all Hospitality Venues

Made of unbreakable Polycarbonate Fibre

Has an internal ‘Ice Chamber’ to keep the Cocktails Icy Cold

LED Light:   Has Internal LED Light to illuminate Cocktails at Night!

Strong & Sturdy!  Easy to Use & Easy to Clean

Perfect for Margarita’s, Daiquiri’s, Sangria’s or Pina Colada’s

Great for Clubs, Pubs, Bars, Hotels & Restaurants

Ideal for ‘Home Entertaining’!

Custom Branding an Option

2 Year Unconditional Guarantee!

Trade Rates : Apply on orders of 6 or more

FAST Australia Wide Delivery