Cocktail Balloons


NEW!  Cocktail Balloons hold up to 3 litres of your favorite Cocktails. They have an internal ‘Ice Chamber’ that keeps Cocktails icy cold indefinitely.  They are ideal for Daiquiri’s, Margarita’s, Comopolitans, Tequila Sunrise, Sangaria’s, Pina Colada’s, Blue Lagoons, etc.

Ideal for Hotels, Bars, Clubs & Restaurants!

Great for ‘Home Entertaining’ by the pool, around the BBQ or kicking back with family & friends.

Delivered Express to your door before Christmas.   

Shop Online or Phone 1300 233 788  (9am -9pm  7 days)


Cocktail Balloons

  • Hold up to 3 litres.
  • Level markers at 1lt, 2lt & 3lt
  • Ice Chamber included.
  • Commercial Grade Quality
  • Strong, Sturdy & Easy to Use
  • Easy to Pour & Easy to Clean
  • Suitable for Beer, Wine & Cider
  • Perfect for Bars, Clubs, Hotels & Restaurants
  • Great for Home Entertaining
  • Branding of the Balloon available
  • Height 42cm Width 21cm
  • 12 mth Guarantee